What Should Candidates Franchisees Do?

  • Search the participating companies before the fair. Gather preliminary infromation, and visit the franchisees of your brand.
  • Make an appointment to meet at the stands of the companies, you are planning to meeting before the fair. This will allow you to have a comfortable conversation and will be a very important tactic that will increase the importance given to you.
  • Prepare your questions ahead of the time, who definitely be quesions to ask.
  • Take enough time and make sure to take notes in your conversations. Make sure you must have business card with you.
  • Make sure to meet with different brands in the same line of business and make comparisons.
  • Make an appointment to meet after the fair. If the owner of the company and top managers are at their stands. Meet Them!
  • Could not miss the instruction, seminars, and speeches held during the fair.