How Should Franchisors Prepare To The Fair?

  • Participate to a fair by setting your goals.

  • Participate to a fair with the innovation. You create a new story. Which means new locations, new products, new stakeholders, new technologies, new marketing techniques, and new managers.

  • Do you homework and be prepared. In Additions, the locations you plan to make an agreement, new shops, cities, and the opportunity to transfer are the franchises.

  • Announce that you will be at the franchise fair all year. That you are the most important franchise show of the year using special brouchures, advertising, social media interactions, and current franchise network. 

  • Prepare your visual, short videos, brochures for your fair targets.

  • Take your stand part with a fully knowledgeable and target team.

  • ​Be sure to fill the form out to follow your interviews later. Follow your interviews after the fair, create new appointments.​

  • ​Make special campaigns fort the fair.

  • ​Create envorinments where you can meet with candidate franchisees. Take serious talks to a more relaxing area and recognize the necessary time.